Group Critical Illness

Group Critical Illness coverage provides a lump sump, non-taxable benefit when an employee,
or dependant, is diagnosed with a covered life-threatening illness. In order to receive payment,
employees must be diagnosed with a condition covered under the plan.

Critical Illness benefit payments can be used
towards anything the employee chooses such as:

  • Experimental drugs,
  • Out-of-province treatment,
  • Alternative treatment,
  • Nursing or home care.


A serious illness isn’t something most people plan for.
Suffering from a crucial illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke can be a life changing experience.
Our group critical illness coverage offers your plan members financial support during a difficult time.

If diagnosed with a life-threatening or long-term illness, Group Critical Illness coverage can provide the financial support needed.
This benefit can be used toward nursing or home care, out-of-province treatment, alternative treatments and more.
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