Group health insurance plans for small and medium sized businesses

Benecaid’s flexStyle solution is an industry leading Administrative Services Only (ASO) plan designed for small and medium sized businesses. Pioneered by Benecaid, the flexStyle plan allows you to avoid costly insurance premiums for predictable health costs yet provide peace of mind with stop loss insurance to protect against catastrophic and unexpected costs. You can customize the coverage that best suits your needs. This means more control over costs and valuable coverage for your employees.

Key benefits

You can choose the coverage you want

You only pay for what your employees use

Unused funds can be refunded to the plan sponsor(s)

No surprise renewals!

How does it work?

Select your group's deductible (Stop Loss) level

Eligible claims submitted by an employee or family member are paid using
the group’s Reserve Account up to the Stop Loss level. Once claims have
reached the Stop Loss level, they are paid using the Stop Loss insurance.

Each month you pay a fixed deposit

The company pays a predictable fixed amount every month called a budgeted deposit.
The budgeted deposit is determined using the groups’ claims experience (if applicable),
demographics, plan design/coverage and Stop Loss level.

At the plan's year end unused deposits can be refunded!

“The staff is happy and excited about their benefits, the portal, ease of use and the fact that they don’t need to mail in receipts anymore. I am ecstatic with the service we have received and look forward to spending the time I have regained on other projects that move our company forward.”


Saudia Allie
Operations Manager, Method Integration

Coverage options
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best for you and your employees.
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