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About us

The short story
In 2000, Benecaid was formed by a group of Health Benefits Professionals who knew there had to be a better way. Since then, we’ve emerged as the leading alternative provider of health benefits plans for Canadian small and medium sized businesses. We know your business and employees are important, and you want to protect them.
Your trust is essential. That’s why we are members of the Third Party Administrators Association of Canada (TPAAC), the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) and the Better Business Bureau. In addition, our claims adjudication is overseen by independent trustees who are Chartered Accountants.
At Benecaid, we understand small businesses.
Why us

How we are different

Pay only for what you need!

Our plans are not like the traditional providers. We know it’s your money, so we don’t want you to pay for insurance that you don’t need or use.

Solutions for your business.

Your personalized Benecaid solution can grow and adapt with you as your business grows and changes. Avoid double digit renewals and even have the opportunity to get your money back with our flexStyle plan.

You’re never too small.

We specialize in health benefits for businesses starting at just one employee. Our innovative solutions are designed with the business owner in mind, putting the control of health benefit costs back into the hands of the employer, helping you manage your bottom line.

Service that works.

Our Access Benecaid online portal provides customized access for Plan Members, Plan Administrators and Plan Advisors. Features such as eClaims and eEnrolment allow you to easily manage your Benecaid plan anytime, anywhere.

Our customers

In good company
Thousands of new members trust Benecaid every year
We started by reinventing group health benefits one small business at a time.
Now our small business clients join together to enjoy all the coverage and pricing advantages of the largest companies in Canada.


Dr. Brian Kleinberg
Kleinberg Corporate Wellness - President

Dr. Brian Kleinberg is the President of Kleinberg Corporate Wellness; a company which helps corporations promote employee well-being while preventing injury and illness through on-site educational, motivational and training programs.

He was introduced to Benecaid in 2011 and was impressed by the fact that it allowed small business owners like him to use a tax-free account to pay for a wide range of health care services not covered by government insurance plans.

Prior to Benecaid, he did not have a health benefits plan for his family or employees. With a Benecaid HSA, he is now able to cover them for all their extended health care services at a budgeted amount that he determines.

“I can keep as much money as I anticipate will be spent in any given year in the HSA account. If I decide to increase that annual amount the following year, it is easy to do.”

One advantage that Dr. Kleinberg enjoys is the large list of services that are eligible to be covered; far exceeding that which is available through standard extended health care insurance plans. This flexibility combined with efficient service are some of the reasons Dr. Kleinberg is so pleased with his decision to get a Benecaid HSA for him and his staff.

“The Benecaid staff is always courteous and very helpful. If you are looking for an employee health benefits program which will give your business tax benefits, is easy-to-use and manage and provides a wide range of flexible options and add-ons, then I can recommend the Benecaid HSA plan to you!”


Saudia Allie
Method Integration - Manager, Operations

Method, a Customer Relationship Management Software company, began as a start-up with only 10 people. They didn’t think much of their health benefits plans as they were young and rarely utilized it. Over the past 5 years they have grown to over 55 employees, many with families, and it became apparent that they needed to have a well-managed health benefits plan.

Once they started looking into options, their wish list was fairly simple:
• Quick claims turn around
• A responsive Account Manager
• Competitive benefits offering
• Affordable budget
• Quick and simple enrolment of new staff

“I went into the initial Benecaid meeting with the mindset that there was no way we would get better benefits, at an affordable cost that would not require me to spend a lot of time getting set up. I can now say that I was proved wrong on all fronts.”

The group was seamlessly enrolled using the online portal

“The staff is happy and excited about the new benefits, the portal, ease of use and the fact that they don’t need to mail in receipts anymore. So far I am ecstatic with the service we have received and look forward to spending the time I have regained on other projects that help move our company forward.”


Sandy Lavergne
EXEL North America, Inc. - Office Manager

EXEL North America manufacturers and sells industrial spray equipment solutions worldwide with a branch office in Toronto Canada. Their employees are their greatest asset; in turn their benefit plan is of utmost importance.

Struggling to keep their benefit costs in check was an on-going battle for EXEL North America. The constant negotiations really only had the employees losing out. They wanted a different plan, one that puts the employee’s needs first. Sandy was introduced to Benecaid through a family member. After a few meetings and discussions she was confident that Benecaid would look after all of the employee’s needs for EXEL.

“The Benecaid staff made the transition seamless. The staff was efficient, friendly & topnotch. Our claims are handled quickly & the questions from staff are answered immediately. I only wish we had found this company many years sooner.”


Dr. Brian Kleinberg

Kleinberg Corporate Wellness – President

2 2

Saudia Allie

Method Integration – Manager, Operations


Sandy Lavergne

EXEL North America, Inc. – Office Manager

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